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SPECIAL!! Get a Complete Heating System Checkup for only $79! (Normally $120)

Heating Season Is Around the Corner! Be Sure to Schedule a Furnace tune-up So You Don’t Have Any Unwanted Surprises This Winter season!

Keep your heater running efficiently and save on energy bills this winter season with a professional inspection and tune-up. Fall/winter season maintenance pays dividends in more ways than one. Just like with having a car, a heating inspection and tune-up can minimize stress and costly breakdowns. Plus, seasonal routine maintenance reduces energy costs by as much as 10%, it extends the life of your heater and your family can enjoy the healthy, comfortable indoor environment you and your family deserve.

Reasons why your furnace needs an annual tune-up:

A heating system tune-up performed annually can minimize expensive breakdowns and help to maintain efficiency, doing so will extend your systems life span over time.

– Even though your home feels comfortable, there may be unidentified heating system problems like air leaks or dirt and corrosion, these problems can increase your energy costs.
– Depending on the heating equipment, a furnace tune-up may pay for itself many times ahead in energy savings alone.
– Some manufacturers may require regular maintenance tune-ups to be performed to validate your furnace or air condition warranty.
– Properly-maintained heating and cooling equipment will last a lot longer, and may prevent more costly repairs down the road.
– Regular equipment tune-ups can identify newly required codes and eliminate potential safety and health issues.

Heating and air conditioning maintenance is very important aspect to extending the life of your system and keeping it running as efficiently possible.

  • It starts with a thorough cleaning and inspection of the heating equipment or air conditioning unit(s):
  • Perform heat exchanger inspections
  • Clean and inspect all furnace safety devices
  • Clean and inspect pilot and flame sensor
  • Clean and inspect burners for rust
  • Inspect motors and if needed, lubricate moving parts
  • Clean or replace dirty air filter(s) if needed. Filters are supplied by owner.
  • Test furnace for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Check for natural gas leaks around furnace
  • Check furnace blower wheel and housing for cleanliness
  • Check furnace for proper on/off cycling
  • Check temperature split on supply/return
  • Check and adjust thermostat if needed
  • Check and if needed tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect condensate drain lines
  • Check and inspect condensate pump if applicable
  • Check amp draw on motors and heat strips
  • Check cleanliness of duct work
  • Inspect fan belt tension if applicable
  • Inspect thermocouple if applicable
  • Test ignition system for proper operation
  • Test/check furnace for safety and low/high voltage control circuits for proper operation
  • Check refrigerant levels (for Heat pump applications)
  • Discuss with customer on the condition of the equipment
  • Check amp draw on motors and heat strips

The main causes of a poorly operating system is failure maintain proper yearly maintenance to clean and service all the main components of the air conditioning unit and heating equipment. This will conclusively lead to early equipment failure and costly repair bills. So it goes without saying, routine maintenance will help to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, ensure reliability of your A/C and heating equipment, and provide seasonal comfort in your home.